• Trustable, Secure and Provable Automation of Regulatory Compliance

    Digitalize regulatory compliance

    and reduce your associated cost by 50%

  • What We Do

    Our mission is to turn regulatory compliance into an automated, real time process. We support leading auditors and banks with solutions tailored to the following domains: financial audit; asset backed securitization; KYC automation and internal control.

    3 Step Transformation to Continuous Audit

    Read how our solution can help you transform your approach to financial audit in three concrete steps - and slash the cost by over 50%


    Open-source high speed blockchain for compliance data

    Distributed ledger for storing all the data, documents and records needed for establishing compliance.

    Immutable, chronological, reliable, fast.

    Generic and re-usable across industries and different companies. And it's free.


    Taking the pain out of manual audits

    Continuously analyze and assess compliance. In real time.

    Automate audit reports.

    Domain specific and tailored to the regulations you must follow.


    Real-time compliance analysis

    Continuously analyze and assess compliance of regulated companies.

    Reliably establish full compliance. In real time.


  • Who We Are

    Our founder team brings together a unique combination of business acumen, deep domain expertise and technology know how to deliver disruptive solutions leveraging technologies such as high speed private blockchain and machine intelligence. With experience from global companies and lean startups, we have what it takes to meet the challenges faced by regulated companies.

  • Our Solutions

    We offer solutions to banks, auditors and other highly regulated companies. Here's a sample of our solutions

    Automated Asset Backed Securities

    Full life-cycle management & compliance

    Working with leading banks, we developed the world's first blockchain based solution for automating setup, transaction, servicing, reporting and compliance management of asset backed securities.

    Automated, full scope Financial Audit

    Real-time, full scope, secure financial audit. At 40% lower cost.

    Our solution profoundly transforms the approach to audit. Instead of sample based, limited scope analysis, we enable continuous, rule based analysis of the full scope of economic activity - allowing the auditor to focus on what really matters. And save over 40% of the cost.

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